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If you’ve got a broken, corrupted, or unplayable camera media card or video file, there’s hope! Save time and money in expensive reshoots or DIY solutions. We can help repair corrupt memory cards and video files.

Happy People

"He was extremely helpful and tried a few ways to recover a very important family file to improve the quality. We are thrilled to have our memories back."- Josh 🇳🇿

"Super quick and responsive!!!"- TFerro 🇺🇸

"thanks for recovering my file, saved me a ton of mess"- YongCaptures 🇸🇬

"Thank you SO MUCH!! Seriously, you’re a lifesaver."- Amanda 🇺🇸

Card Recovery

Personalized repair options for corrupt SD cards, microSD, SDXC, SDHC, CFast 2.0, CF, CFexpress, Red MiniMag, and SSD drives.

SD Card Repair

Corrupt Video File Repair

File Repair

Unplayable or broken video files often can be recovered and fixed. Get personalized help for corrupt MOV and MP4 files.

DIY Tools

Want to try your own hand at fixing your corrupt card or file? Check out these recommended recovery tools.

DIY Media Card and Corrupt File Repair Tools

It's personal

Over the years, I’ve run into multiple instances of corrupted video files in my work with dozens of clients, shooting hundreds of hours of footage, on a wide variety different cameras. In early 2020, I almost lost an entire $10K shoot’s worth of footage to broken video files that wouldn’t play. That’s when I dug deep into the nether regions of learning how to fix the problem, without handing my footage over to sketchy or incredibly expensive data recovery companies.To date, I’ve now saved clients $50K+ in reshoot costs, simply by taking the time to fix broken footage. Video clip corruption can happen for any number of random reasons, and it can be almost impossible to pinpoint exactly why it happened.That’s why I’m turning around and bringing my skills to the video production marketplace. No need to sift through all the shady-looking data recovery/video fixing software companies out there. Contact us and we'll take a look at getting you back up and running quickly!-- Chad Stembridge
Owner, ClipMedic
Owner & Producer, Stembridge Mill


Media Card Repair

Corrupt SD Card Repair

Have a media card or SSD that seems to be not working? Let's take a look! We can help with corrupt:- SD, MicroSD, SDXC, SDHC cards
- CFast 2.0 cards
- CF, CFexpress cards
- RED MiniMag cards
- SSD and some HDD hard drives
Send a message and let's chat about how we can help!

File repair

Corrupt Video File Repair

Have a video files that's glitchy or just completely not playing? Let's take a look! We can help with corrupt MOV and MP4 files.Send a message and let's chat about how we can help!

DIY Tools

DIY File and Card Recovery Tools

Here's a list of the tools we use and/or recommend for attempting DIY card recovery or file repair. Often, fixing a corrupt file or card involves taking the time to troubleshoot and try various different tools and methods. If you give it a shot with one of these tools and still want help, send a message!- Stellar Video Repair
- Video Doctor
- DiskDrill